SUBSCRIBE I'll definitely put something together when I have time, but unfortunately, it won't be this week ;-) Thanks for the comment Mat!  I'm glad you brought up microformats and other forms of rich snippets (e.g., Facebook's Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc.) because they have become an important consideration when investigating a site's markup. Consistency is key here, so keep working to get more reviews on a continuous basis. results for in Copyscape. Read full profile Flexible Product and great service “site:” Search If you’ve ruled out indexation problems (which you should have!), then I’d say this is a strong indication of deeper problems, such as heavy algorithmic or manual penalties. The Complete 9 Step SEO Audit Get Website Insights and Domain Analysis: What other options would you recommend for best “local” influencers other than the chamber of commerce and local universities? Step 2: Offer hypothesis for falling rankings/traffic How much do you think a reasonable SEO audit would cost for a typical website? What would you charge to do an audit like this one? Thanks for the comment. Not all of the link equity will pass through a 301, but most to it will. You can definitely do that and it will likely have a positive effect because you’re eliminating keyword cannibalization issues.