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I have an email newsletter called:

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I'm proud of it.

I think I have some pretty interesting and useful things to say (hint: look at the name of it again!), and I get great feedback from my subscribers.

I'd like to think that that would be all you need hear to get you to pop your details in the box over there on the right, but I know - that ain't the way of the world!

So, like all online newsletter publishers, I'm going to unashamedly bribe you!

Not with some second-hand, re-hashed, skimpy, soul-less ebooks, pointless scripts or memberships of site you don't want to belong to anyway...

But with the two gifts, personally crafted by me to be of real value to just about every internet marketer: things you cannot get from any other place.

Gift 1:

The IMI Organizer

I know the rules of copywriting say you shouldn't allow people to link away from your page - but you need to see the whole picture here.

Believe me - this product will revolutionize the way you organize your internet marketing information - and save you hours and hours of time!

Gift 2:

The Internet Professionals Guide

This Guide is unlike any other eBook  about internet marketing. It's been likened to a "Zen of IM guide".

I just finished reading your Internet Professionals Guide and was completely blown away....Because of your fascinating ebook, I am going to restructure my thinking while I still can...before I put anything online.... Your ebook kept me reading and thinking.

Pat Graham

Thanks for your IM Pros Guide. Case stories were insightful. Dogma vs Strategy was spot on. Felt like a Zen of IM guide.

Arvindra Sehmi  @asehmi

It tells you nothing about how to pick a niche, build a website, drive traffic to your site, convert traffic etc.

It contains not a single link to any website (except this one and a support site).

And yet, in my opinion, it is ESSENTIAL reading for both experienced internet marketers and those new to the field. It deals with the issue of "professionalism" and why, nowadays, that is a critical success factor.

However, if you think that "professionalism" is about having a good-looking website, answering customer queries quickly and always giving refunds - then get ready for a new way of thinking.

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